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* High Times
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* 420 Magazine

* Cannabis News - Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Marijuana News, Cannabis
Cannabis News - Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Marijuana News, Cannabis

Where The War on Pot Will Go To Die
In some states, there’s an untenable mismatch between the crime and the time, but does anyone think that pot—medical or recreational—will still be illegal in 10 years? Now that a majority of Americans—54% and climbing, according to Pew Research—believe that marijuana should be treated like beer, wine and liquor, it’s time to ask: where does [...]

Feds May Cut Off Water For Legal Marijuana Crops
Some cannabis growers may soon find themselves with a lot less irrigation water if the U.S. government decides to block the use of federal water for state-legal marijuana cultivation. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees management of federal water resources, “is evaluating how the Controlled Substances Act applies in the context of Reclamation project [...]

Marijuana ‘Caregivers’ Getting Little Oversight
The young woman pulled her Subaru wagon into the parking lot of a Framingham hotel Wednesday night for a prearranged meeting with someone she knew only as Kool Guy, a man with short black hair and glasses who resembled actor Joaquin Phoenix. She handed him $250 cash for an ounce of marijuana dubbed Blue Cheese. [...]

It’s High Time For Canada To Talk Pot
Marijuana exists in a funny limbo in this country. Despite a growing number of people who feel it should be decriminalized, or outright legal – and regulated – it remains a controlled substance. And, as such, we have a multibillion-dollar industry in Canada attempting to operate under the radar of the law. Weed is grown [...]

Pot Smoking Stats Real Eye Opener
Do you smoke pot? According to stats I saw this week, 12 per cent of Ontario residents 15 and over smoked marijuana at least once over a recent 12-month period.  Which is about 1.3 million Ontarians.  Or about 130,000 people here in York Region. This is according to Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey for [...]

Federal Government Ordered 1000 Lbs Of Marijuana
The federal government just ordered all the marijuana it wants — something it would send most Americans to prison for doing. On Monday, the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a new rule that increases the U.S. government’s production quota for medical marijuana from an annual 21 kg to 650 kg. That’s about 1,433 pounds of pot [...]

DEA Chief Says Marijuana-Trafficking Spiking
The Drug Enforcement Administration is concerned about a surge in the illegal shipment of marijuana from Colorado since the state legalized the drug, and is trying to crack down on minors’ use of the substance, the head of the agency said Wednesday. Administrator Michele Leonhart said the DEA is troubled by the increase in marijuana [...]

How Bad Is Marijuana for Your Health?
The Journal of Neuroscience recently published a study linking recreational marijuana use to subtle changes in brain structure. The researchers, led by Jodi Gilman of Massachusetts General Hospital, identified increased gray matter density in the left nucleus accumbens and some bordering areas. The study was fine, but the media coverage was abysmal. Reporters overstated the [...]

John Paul Stevens Thinks MJ Should Be Legalized
Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens believes marijuana should be legalized by the federal government, predicting that the public will soon decide prohibiting the substance is “not worth the cost.” In a Thursday interview with NPR’s Scott Simon, the retired justice was asked if he believes the drug should be legal at the federal [...]

Marijuana Has Come A Long Way Since Last 4/20
What a difference a year makes. From 4/20, 2013, to 4/20, 2014, marijuana has taken big steps out of the shadows of the black market and into the light of the mainstream — from record high popular support and the first legal recreational sales, to an entire country legalizing marijuana. Here’s a look at the [...]

* MPP Blog
MPP Blog
We Change Laws!
Burning Man and Marijuana Laws

Heading to Burning Man? Here’s what you need to know about Black Rock City’s and Nevada’s marijuana laws. If you are heading to Burning Man this year, you may be thinking about bringing cannabis to the playa, since Nevada has legalized marijuana. Not so fast! Before you head out, there are some important things you need … Continue reading Burning Man and Marijuana Laws

The post Burning Man and Marijuana Laws appeared first on MPP Blog.

California Bureau of Cannabis Control accepting public comments on proposed rules

Members of the public are invited to provide comments on California’s proposed rules for cannabis businesses. The Bureau of Cannabis Control and other agencies seek public comments as they consider a permanent set of rules — replacing those temporarily in place. For background, including the text of the proposed rules, summaries, and the agencies’ reasoning … Continue reading California Bureau of Cannabis Control accepting public comments on proposed rules

The post California Bureau of Cannabis Control accepting public comments on proposed rules appeared first on MPP Blog.

MPP has a new executive director!

We’re pleased to announce that Steve Hawkins has been named the new executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. Steve brings three decades of experience fighting for criminal justice reform, having previously served in leadership roles at the NAACP, Amnesty International USA, and the Coalition for Public Safety. The entire MPP staff is thrilled to … Continue reading MPP has a new executive director!

The post MPP has a new executive director! appeared first on MPP Blog.

Vermont’s primary election is tomorrow

Check out our updated voter guides to learn where candidates for state legislature and governor stand on cannabis regulation! The Vermont state primary election will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14. If you are a Vermont resident and haven’t already voted, please check out our legislative voter guide to learn where candidates for state legislature … Continue reading Vermont’s primary election is tomorrow

The post Vermont’s primary election is tomorrow appeared first on MPP Blog.

Connecticut primary election will take place Tuesday, August 14

Strong contrast emerges between Democratic candidates for attorney general The Connecticut primary election will take place next Tuesday, August 14. If you’re a Connecticut resident and you’re not sure how or where to vote, please visit the secretary of state’s website for more information. On the Democratic ticket, both candidates for governor and both candidates … Continue reading Connecticut primary election will take place Tuesday, August 14

The post Connecticut primary election will take place Tuesday, August 14 appeared first on MPP Blog.

Medical marijuana initiative filed in Mississippi

Yesterday, Mississippians for Compassionate Care filed an initiative with the Secretary of State’s office that would make medical marijuana legal in Mississippi. The group is aiming to bring an amendment to the state constitution to voters in 2020. The first step to getting it on the ballot is to collect over 100,000 signatures from all … Continue reading Medical marijuana initiative filed in Mississippi

The post Medical marijuana initiative filed in Mississippi appeared first on MPP Blog.

Oklahoma medical cannabis law takes effect; revisions to problematic regs proposed

Yesterday, the penalty-reduction piece of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana initiative became operational. Individuals possessing up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis face a reduced penalty — a misdemeanor fine of up to $400 — if they “can state a medical condition.” Meanwhile, regulators made application materials available online for patients and caregivers, along with information for businesses … Continue reading Oklahoma medical cannabis law takes effect; revisions to problematic regs proposed

The post Oklahoma medical cannabis law takes effect; revisions to problematic regs proposed appeared first on MPP Blog.

Vermont: Primary election voter guide published

Early voting is already underway for the Vermont state primary election, which is scheduled for Tuesday, August 14. This year, we sent candidates a survey consisting of only one question: “Do you support regulating and taxing the production and sale of cannabis in Vermont for use by adults 21 and older?” Our voter guides include … Continue reading Vermont: Primary election voter guide published

The post Vermont: Primary election voter guide published appeared first on MPP Blog.

Maine Legislature overrides Gov. LePage on medical marijuana reform

Earlier this month, the Maine Legislature overrode Gov. LePage’s vetoes of LD 238 and LD 1539, bills to improve Maine’s medical marijuana program. LD 238 allows for third-party extraction of medical marijuana. LD 1539 is the culmination of the Health and Human Services Committee’s session-long work reforming the medical marijuana program. The bipartisan omnibus reform … Continue reading Maine Legislature overrides Gov. LePage on medical marijuana reform

The post Maine Legislature overrides Gov. LePage on medical marijuana reform appeared first on MPP Blog.

N.J. hits pause on low-level marijuana prosecutions

It was a confusing news cycle, with Jersey City’s municipal prosecutor, Jake Hudnut, releasing a memo effectively decriminalizing marijuana locally and state Attorney General Gurbir Grewal declaring that action invalid. Now, AG Grewal has told all prosecutors to “adjourn” (postpone) marijuana prosecutions in municipal court until at least September 4, when his office will issue … Continue reading N.J. hits pause on low-level marijuana prosecutions

The post N.J. hits pause on low-level marijuana prosecutions appeared first on MPP Blog.

* NYT > Marijuana and Medical Marijuana
Marijuana and Medical Marijuana
News about marijuana and medical marijuana. Commentary and archival information about marijuana from The New York Times.
A Candidate Backed Medical Marijuana. Wells Fargo Closed Her Bank Account.
Nikki Fried, a Democrat running for Florida agriculture commissioner, said Wells Fargo had acted after reading about her platform and asking about her donors.

People, Places and Things to Know: London’s Fashion Rebels, Animal-Print Accessories and More
T’s cultural compendium of what’s new.

What Corona Owner’s $4 Billion Bet on a Marijuana Firm Says About Pot’s Future
Constellation’s investment in Canopy shows just how far traditional alcoholic beverage companies are willing to go to find growth.

At an Updated Head Shop, High Meets Highbrow
At Higher Standards you can shop for cannabis accouterments much as you would for wine or cupcakes.

Judge: Firm Can Mandate Drug Test for Medical Marijuana User
A federal court judge has ruled that a New Jersey business doesn't have to waive its mandatory drug testing requirement for a worker who uses medical marijuana.

It Wasn’t a Crime to Carry Marijuana. Until the Police Found a Loophole.
In 1977, New York State made carrying small amounts of marijuana in someone’s pocket a ticket-worthy violation, not a crime. But arrests soon skyrocketed.

Pressing Pause on Pot Convictions
We’ve imposed moratoriums on pot prosecution. What are the rest of the states waiting for?

Draconian Marijuana Laws
No more research is needed: “If there were any alarming social or health effects, we’d know by now.”

V.A. Shuns Medical Marijuana, Leaving Vets to Improvise
Limited by federal law, the veterans’ health system can’t study the benefits of cannabis or prescribe it to patients. Nearly a million veterans may be using it anyway.

New Jersey Attorney General Pauses Prosecutions in Marijuana Cases
The decision is seen as a step toward decriminalization in New Jersey. It comes amid a push to make it the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana use.

* Portland Occupier : News From The Occupation
Portland Occupier
News From The Occupation
Holgate Manor Tenants Union Announces Rent Strike; Demands City Take Greater Steps to Support Renters
Story and photos by Pete Shaw Tenants of Holgate Manor launched a rent strike on August 1 in an effort to preserve the affordable housing at the apartment complex located around the 3500 block of Southeast Mall Street. For over 40 years, Holgate Manor has been a sanctuary for a wide-ranging mix of immigrants, refugees,…

Portland Anti-fascist Movement Continues to Build Solidarity Despite Predictable Violent Response from Local Government
Story by Pete Shaw On Saturday August 4, Portland’s anti-fascist community held its Stop the Hate rally, bringing together a wide swathe of Portlanders and people from the metropolitan area opposed to white supremacy. The event, organized by the group Popular Mobilization (POPMOB), was called in response to the white supremacist organization Patriot Prayer’s rally…

Bring Them Along
Story by Pete Shaw When considering how to spend a Friday night, particularly a sultry one in late July, likely not high on most folks’ list is attending a talk on Pan-African organizing. But even if my Friend Ahjamu Umi of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) was not the featured speaker, the title…

Memories Forgotten and Gained, Old and New
Story by Pete Shaw “See my friends playing across the river” –Ray Davies Spend any reasonably lengthy amount of time with me, and you will come to know in deep detail how much I love the music of The Kinks.  Music is the art through which I best interpret and understand this world and…

Effective Strategies Necessary to Defuse Right Wing Hate
Story and photos by Bette Lee Patriot Prayer can’t seem to get enough of Portland.  Even though the Vancouver, Washington white supremacist group led by Joey Gibson claims it hates Portland because it is a “liberal” city which coddles “pinkos, anarchists, leftists, liberals, homosexuals,” and other unsavory “anti-American” groups, its members seem hell-bent on holding…

Activists Hold Protest at NYC ICE Facility in Solidarity with Portland Action
Story and photos by Pete Shaw On the surface, New York and Portland have little in common.  New Yorkers are direct in speech and they move fast. Portlanders are not sarcastic. New York is huge both in geographical size and population. Portland is quaint and over 80% white. New York has great pizza and bagels,…

Protests Against Trump Stance Crushes Detainee Separation Policy; Meaningful Help for Refugees Remains Uncertain
Story and photos by Pete Shaw Riverside Drive in Denville, NJ runs no more than a half mile, following the course of the Rockaway River between Diamond Spring Road and Gardner Field.  On a mailbox outside of one house along the road is an inscription reading, “Seek Ye The Lord Now.” I am not a religious…

Burgerville Workers Union Becomes First Formally Recognized US Fast Food Union; Boycott to Continue Until Fair Contract is Signed
Story and photos by Pete Shaw The locally grown Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) now holds the distinction of being the only formally recognized fast food union in the United States. After two days of voting on Sunday and Monday overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, the workers at Burgerville’s store on Southeast 92nd and…

Ockley Green Community Forces PPS to Roll Back Disciplinary Action Against Revered Teacher
Story by Pete Shaw The students at Ockley Green Middle School are getting an education. Fresh off Spring break, a crowd of over 200 students and parents gathered outside Ockley Green Middle School on the morning of Monday, April 2 in support of social studies teacher Chris Riser. He was placed on leave last month…

Wheeler Announces Plan Banning All Guns From City, And By “All” He Means “All”
Story by Nicholas Headon Portland mayor Ted Wheeler has had enough. This morning, in a hastily called press conference in front of City Hall, Wheeler announced a new policy that would begin removing all guns within Portland’s city limits. “Enough is enough,” said Wheeler. “I am sick and tired of seeing our young people gunned…

* Trends Forecasts and Prophecies Blog
The Financial Armageddon Blog
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Harry Dent Was Right
The situation that’s playing out in Turkey is merely a symptom of a larger issue that the emerging world is to face.These times, they’re turbulent. And Harry’s done his part to help you avoid the pitfalls in the system. And, as always, Harry has more to say… For invaluable market insights and...

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Are China and the US Doomed to Conflict?
The former prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd is also a longtime student of China, with a unique vantage point to watch its power rise in the past few decades. He asks whether the growing ambition of China will inevitably lead to conflict with other major powers — and suggests another...

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Afghan War A 'Total Failure' - Should We 'Privatize' It?
 After 17 years of fighting, the US continues to lose the war in slow motion. Each year the Taliban gains ground. Meanwhile the US spends billions of dollars, kills untold numbers of civilians, and makes negative progress. Blackwater founder Erik Prince wants the US to privatize the war and...

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No indication N Korea nuclear activities stopped says The IAEA
N Korea kicked out IAEA’s inspectors in 2009, never allowed them to return. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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Ex-CIA Officer discusses John Brennan's Pulled Security Clearance
Ex-CIA Officer @JohnKiriakou discusses John Brennan's Pulled Security Clearance The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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The Next American Revolution | Candace Owens and Stefan Molyneux
Candace Owens is the Spokeswoman and Communications Director for Turning Point USA – a non-profit organization with the mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. The Financial...

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BC Canada's Sun Goes Dark; Plans to Burn up Western States Continues On
Sun going out blamed on Fire Smoke Never before seen fire heat, wind and flames being explained away as Firenadoe's....but no reason given... The Western States are being prepped and torched for Agenda 21 clearance...wake up all. wake up fast. The Financial Armageddon Economic...

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SCAMMER HACKED - Stupid Scammer Calls Anonymous Hacker
  As most of you are aware, there are a lot of different scammers out there and these include Nigerian prince email scammers, Indian tech support scammers, IRS scammers and others. They have been around for over 10 years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. After getting a lot of...

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Vikings Rising: How Leftists Created Their Worst Enemy - Walter T. Richmond
 Col. Walter T. Richmond is the penname of the author of Hasta la Vista Europe and Vikings Rising. After graduating basic and officer training at the top of his class, and serving in a variety of emergency, law enforcement, and disaster response capacities, Richmond was commissioned a colonel...

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Everyone in America Needs to Watch This... (2018-2019)
Jesus is returning soon , an " alien " invasion will be used to bring in NWO and will be a cover for the rapture. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers ,...

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Ron Paul : Why the Fed Hates Gold & Why the Middle Class Needs Gold
The only way out of a swamp is to reverse the way you got there. Go back to the silver standard. End the wars and bring the troops home. Git rid of the bloated government bureaucracy. End the Fed. Then they came to Jerusalem. And He entered the temple and began to drive out those who were...

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Brazil : Venezuelan Migrants attacked, forced to flee back home
 Angry residents of the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima ran riot and drove out Venezuelan immigrants on Saturday after a local restaurant owner was stabbed and beaten, residents and government officials said Socialism is wonderful, or so they say. For an encore, South Africa is about...

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Russian Forces Put On Full Combat Alert After Receiving Warning Rogue US Navy Faction
Trump has it under control. Putin is not our biggest threat. Media, FBI, CIA, DOJ, Deep State, Liberals, Dems are. They are Trippling down to go after Trump to divert off Their own Corrupt Crimes & Scandals that are being exposed. They are freaking out because Trump & the People are...

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Breaking: “Shots Fired At US Embassy In Turkey"
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan compared what he called the "attack on economy" with the attack on the Turkish flag, claiming there's no difference, in Ankara on Monday. He added that the foreign goal is to bring the Turkish nation to its knees "and make it surrender", adding that those...

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Benjamin Fulford : Issues simmering over the summer may lead to war in the autumn
Benjamin Fulford: August 20, 2018 Several issues could trigger a brief, sharp war inside the U.S., in the Middle East, and possibly even in Japan this autumn, multiple sources agree.  The key issue remains 9/11, a mass-murder event that remains unpunished and officially unacknowledged to...

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Trump Issues “Declaration Of War” Warning After US-Mexico Drug Conflict Death Toll Soars
Let’s go stop the Mexican cartels and liberate Mexico from their narco state criminals The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many...

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Koreans React To Yemeni Refugee Crisis In Jeju Island
 We believe that any ordinary person can deliver real news and commentary. Through our original and in-depth interviews of real people, we will challenge you - the global youth - to think critically and challenge various cultural and social issues. The Financial Armageddon...

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What It's Like For Migrants Making The Perilous Trek Into France
Last year, 171,000 migrants reached the shores of Europe — down from more than a million at the height of crisis in 2015. The majority passed through Libya into Italy via the central Mediterranean route, a perilous crossing that took the lives of almost 3,000 people in 2017. For many migrants,...

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What Happened at the Council of Nicaea?
 From ancient aliens to grand conspiracies, there is a lot of bad history out there. It seems this is becoming more and more prevalent within the circles I'm ostensibly in. So this video will be addressing some of the bad history I've been seeing. Evidently, there are many people who think...

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Cohen Investigated for Bank Fraud
New details about federal prosecutor's case against the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen are coming to light. One America's Alex Salvi explains why taxis may be the driving force behind Cohen's cooperation. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks...

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Technocrats Have Stolen The Law Of The Land
 Americans under the New totalitarianism spearheaded by Google, Facebook, and all the other anti American social media. With the completely unconstitutional shadow banning, followed by a full on banning of alternative media. Americans can now return to their legalized propaganda fest of spun...

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The End of London. Prepare Yourself
 As crime rates skyrocket in London and the United Kingdom overall, London Mayor Sadiq Khan responded to a suspected terror attack by suggesting that vehicles be banned in certain parts of the city: “I think there would be lots of challenges if we would do the whole square. It is a...

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The Technocratic Global Government of the Future Is Here
'The Tower of Babel' revisited...and not a one of them is smart enough, or educated enough to see it, or, if they are, they are busy working to dupe those who are not. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free...

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What Do You Think The Military Can Hide With This Technology ???
 What Kind of Camouflage Technology do you think the military has had for decades, if this is commercial application??? The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers ,...

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Monarch Mind Control Declassified!
 Monarch Mind Control Declassified! Synchronicity has hit me hard this week! A monarch butterfly landed on me, then I was sent the link to the MK ULTRA declassified documents... Then an old woman gave me a pupa... Which will grow into a Monarch butterfly! The Financial...

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* Coast to Coast AM - In the News
Coast to Coast AM - In the News
In the News Stories on
Gulp! Georgian boy solves six Rubik's cubes under water in one breath

Vako Marchelashvili was submerged in a glass tank for just over one minute and 44 seconds as he flipped, turned and solved the cubes.

The Secret Meanings Behind the Beasts in a Medieval Menagerie

In Middle Age Europe, animals were popular storytellers.

Ice found on moon surface

Astronomers have found patches of frost scattered around the moon’s north and south poles.

Ancient Burial Pits Reveal Sophisticated Rituals

Roughly 5,300 years ago, a group of ancient sheep herders in East Africa began an extraordinary effort to care for their dead.

Asteroid crashing into the atmosphere outshines full moon

NASA says a meteor turned fireball lit up the sky 40 times brighter than the moon.

How Scientists Solved the 'Pioneer Anomaly'

Why were the Pioneer space probes slowing down as they traveled out of the solar system?

Combatting Florida's 'Red Tide'

Deadly algae blooms are killing sealife along the Gulf Coast.

The Rare Phenomenon of Phantom Smells

Strangely, most of the odors are unpleasant.

The Lost Art of the Motodrome

Motorcycles would ride on a vertical wall with a lion in a sidecar.

The Physics of Riding an 80-Foot Wave

Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa recently set a record. What forces are in play?

Earth may have several orbiting 'mini-moons'

Scientists have discovered that the Moon may not be the only natural satellite in orbit around our planet.

Pilot wanted for secretive 'Janet Airlines' to fly to Area 51

If you’ve got bags of experience in top secret missions and an affinity for UFOs, then a job opportunity has arrived that may be impossible to pass up.

Google Maps' strangest objects revealed – including 'Atlantis, aliens and MH370'

Google Maps offers a unique view of the world with millions of satellite images allowing users to take a peak at anywhere in the globe.

One in three planets outside our solar system bigger than Earth are 'likely to contain water' and could host alien life

Scientists say that any 'exoplanet' that is two to four times the size of Earth are likely to contain the main ingredient for life - boding well in the search for aliens.

For sale: Historic Pa. jail haunted by the ghosts of hanged coal miners

The jail's owners have spent the last two decades running the imposing, 147-year-old stone building as The Old Museum Jail.

Mysterious X-37B military space plane nears 1 year in orbit

The U.S. Air Force's X-37B miniature space plane has winged past 340 days in orbit performing secretive duties during the program's fifth flight.

Scottish restaurant owner's steak house 'haunted by the ghost of his mum'

A restaurant owner says his seafront grill is haunted by the ghost of his mother after a stranger dropped off old family heirlooms.

First look into where astronauts may live on missions to deep space

A massive cylindrical habitat may one day house up to four astronauts as they make the trek to deep space.

Spiders capable of jumping more than six feet have been spotted in the UK

Jumping spiders that are capable of jumping over an average-sized human have been spotted in the UK for the first time ever.

U.K. heatwave reveals previously hidden ancient farms, burial mounds

Drier soil conditions uncover patterns in fields that reveal thousands of years of buried English history.

SpaceX Is Training NASA Astronauts

Although their slick Dragon spacecraft is almost totally automated.

Do Sound Waves Have Anti-Gravity Properties?

Does this mean that music can make you fly?

Michael Persinger, Inventor of the 'God Helmet' Passes

Neuroscientist developed device that induced altered states.

Eight Years Ago, Jacques Vallee Pointed Out Dangers Of Internet Disinfo

'a potential tool for propaganda, false rumors intentionally planted...'

Spacecraft May Have Detected A Giant 'Wall' At The Edge Of The Solar System

Pluto probe detects where the sun's radiation meets interstellar radiation.

Sydney's Mysterious Miracle House Oozes Oil from Walls, Helps Desperate Couples Get Pregnant

What was once an ordinary 3-bedroom home in the suburbs of western Sydney has now gained a reputation as a "miracle house."

'Millennia of human activity': heatwave reveals lost UK archaeological sites

Ancient farms, burial mounds and neolithic monuments among fascinating finds in Britain and Ireland.

Weather Report in F Major: New Orleans Musician Turns Weather Data Into Sound

Weather Warlock is the invention of New Orleans musician David Rolston, aka Quintron.

Ancient Egyptian mummification 'recipe' revealed

Examination of a mummy has revealed the original ancient Egyptian embalming recipe - first used to preserve bodies.

Iron and Titanium Found on 'Ultrahot Jupiter,' an Exoplanet First

The exoplanet, named KELT-9b, is the hottest alien world ever discovered.

Viral 'Goat Monster' Is Actually a Real Goat Breed

A video of a deformed-looking male goat has been doing the round online for over a month.

The mass UFO sighting that terrified Lubbock residents

An unusual formation of lights caused major panic after a mass sighting and pictures of the strange event raised even more questions.

The unreality of luck

Optimists believe in good luck, pessimists in bad. But if it’s all a matter of perspective, does luck even exist?

Ghost in the Machine: The Enduring Horror of Slender Man

There's something about the scary viral campfire story that speaks to the way online mythology is impacting the real world.

Historic face transplant gives suicide survivor a 'second chance'

The transplant, performed last year, aims to restore Katie's face structure and functions.

Fury in Fukushima as residents demand 20 foot statue of child in a protective suit is removed

The 'Sun Child' statue was intended to express desire for a nuclear-free world.

Why A Million People Follow A Woman Who Says She's Channeling The Archangels

For a membership fee, Melanie Beckler provides content from archangels during daily communications.

New theory paints more sophisticated picture of ancient Easter Island

For decades, mystery has swirled around what happened to the founding population of the remote Easter Island.

Apocalypse by 2040? Shock as MIT computer model predicts end date for civilization

The program was originally devised by computer pioneer Jay Forrester, after he was tasked by the Club of Rome to develop a model of global sustainability.

Aging in human cells successfully reversed in the lab

There are many reasons why our cells and tissues stop functioning, but a new focus in the biology of aging is the accumulation of 'senescent' cells.

Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

"As the pace of change increases, the very meaning of being human is likely to mutate and physical and cognitive structures will melt."

The Meg: the myth, the legend (the science)

Shark researcher and Megalodon expert Catalina Pimiento from Swansea University breaks down a few myths.

Want Cheap Rent in Tokyo? Get a Haunted Apartment

For such a modern and technologically advanced nation, the Japanese can be extremely superstitious.

British UFO hunter’s laptop was ‘wiped’ after mysterious death

The sudden death of Max Spiers, 39, has been shrouded in mystery after a friend discovered his body while he was on a trip to Poland.

Perseid meteor shower lights up the night sky with shooting star spectacular

The celestial showcase takes place when the Earth ploughs through the galactic debris left discarded by the passing of the Swift-Tuttle Comet.

Star-swallowing black holes reveal secrets in exotic light shows

Astronomers hope that decoding these exotic light shows will let them conduct a black hole census.

The mass UFO sighting that terrified city residents

An unusual formation of lights caused major panic after a mass sighting and pictures of the strange event raised even more questions.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe blasts off on epic journey to 'touch the Sun'

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has blasted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force station on its historic mission to the Sun.

'It's possible every British household is haunted' terrifying warning by expert

A ghost hunter has claimed every British household could be haunted by evil spirits.

The rise of 'Frankenfood'

Gene-editing startups race to develop controversial crops with the most desirable traits, from better taste to drought resistance.

Jupiter's iconic cloud bands are only skin deep

Scientists have determined just how far down Jupiter's colorful atmospheric bands actually go.

Two pilots saw a UFO. Why did the Air Force destroy the report?

Whatever occurred on the morning of July 24, 1948 in the skies over southwest Alabama jolted the U.S. government into a top-secret investigation.

French park trains crows to pick up litter

Six crows trained to pick up cigarette ends and rubbish will be put to work next week at a French historical theme park

How scientists know the world's largest shark is gone forever

The distinctive appearance of Megalodon teeth and where they're found, help scientists reconstruct the extinct shark's size and where it lived.

Expert warns satellites could be hacked and used as giant 'radio frequency weapons'

Researchers have revealed how satellite communications could be used by hackers to launch 'cyber-physical attacks.'

This Rocky Exoplanet Is the Most Likely to Support Life

Of the thousands of known exoplanets, Kepler-452b has the most ideal combination of UV light exposure and conditions for liquid water.

All the Bizarre Things Our Readers Have Found on the Beach

Functional light bulbs, messages from the dead, and lots and lots of dentures.

Man stumbles upon rare 25-million-year-old teeth of mega-toothed shark

Amateur fossil enthusiast Phil Mullaly knew he had found something special when he spotted something glimmering in a boulder.

Bizarre Plant-like Lifeforms Which Lived Over 500 Million Years Ago Are Actually Animals

The animal kingdom is likely older than current scientific understanding suggests, according to a study published in the journal Palaeontology.

The fastest human-made object launches for the Sun this Saturday

The Parker Solar Probe will help us better understand solar winds and space weather.

Meet Bronson, the 33-Pound Cat Making Waves on Instagram

The feline's size shocked everyone when he was dropped off at the West Michigan Humane Society.

Ford unveils exoskeleton vests to lighten the load for workers

Exoskeletons date back to at least the 1960s when General Electric developed a giant prototype for the military.

Fewer people are reporting UFO sightings

Experts suspect it's because reports are being 'intercepted by the government.'

DeLonge’s UFO Team Studying Alien Metal

Not found in nature, meta-materials are constructed from multiple elements to form composite metals.

Discovery Channel treasure hunter claims he’s found evidence of an ET spaceship

Explorer Darrell Miklos has been using secret maps created by astronaut Gordon Cooper to find shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

Million-fold increase in the power of waves near Jupiter's moon Ganymede

'Chorus waves' have been detected in space around the Earth, but they are nowhere near as strong as the waves at Jupiter.

Are devastating wildfires a new normal?

"It's actually worse than that," climate scientist says.

This Unusual Meteorite Flew Around in Space Before Earth Was Born

A newly discovered sparkly, green meteorite is 4.6-billion-year-old.

A Radar Blip, a Flash of Light: How U.F.O.s ‘Exploded’ Into Public View

In July 1952, several U.F.O. sightings in Washington garnered headlines around the world.

'Incredible Hulk' Comet Will Soon Whiz Past Earth

Stargazers' best chance to see the cosmic behemoth is on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Audio reveals creepy details of UFO mystery

In 1966, over 300 children and staff from a Melbourne school reportedly witnessed UFOs silently flying through the sky before landing in a field.

Grotesque 30ft sea creature dubbed a ‘globster’ washes up on an Alaskan beach

The gigantic creature with 'eyes the size of dinner plates' was spotted near St James Bay.

This 'Born-Again' Nebula Appears to Be Inside Out

It’s a case of a planetary nebula surrounding a dim star that seems to have awakened on its way to death.

Incredible 'living bridge' built by a million ants clinging to each other to attack a wasps nest

Francisco Boni, an electrical engineer, captured impressive video footage in Brazil.

The Mysterious Bronze Objects That Have Baffled Archeologists for Centuries

The first Roman dodecahedron to intrigue archeologists was found almost 300 years ago.

Meet the Mediums of Lily Dale

A hamlet in Western New York is home to a community of Spiritualists.

Everybody Shut Up! We’re Listening to Mars

When the red planet comes close to Earth, some people have tried to tune in to see if it has anything to say.

Huge Mysterious Booms in Maryville, TN

We have not found any visible evidence of a surface blast say city officials.

UFOs: The Chupacabra Connection

Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Puerto Rico allegedly has housed the cryptid.

Where the Pacific Northwest’s 'Big One' Is More Likely to Strike

Differences observed along the Cascadia fault explain why certain areas see more rumbling.

Visitor encounters 'ghost' on USS Lexington

The World War II-era vessel, which is now a museum, has seen more than its fair share of ghost sightings.

Rogue planet detected outside our solar system

The huge object is 12.7 times the mass of Jupiter and has a magnetic field 200 times more powerful.

Pompeii continues to give treasures

Archaeologists uncover new finds including 2,000 year-old frescoes and terra cotta vases after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

Mystery swirls around damaged 1881 time capsule

The contents of a 19th-century time capsule recently unearthed in Plymouth, Mass. continue to be shrouded in mystery.

Investigator lifts lid on The King’s 'restless spirit'

Elvis Presley’s spirit "is not at rest," according to a world-renowned ghost hunter.

Godfather of GMOs wants consumers to be less afraid of his food

Monsanto Co. executive Robert T. Fraley says turbo-charged harvests have helped farmers stay a few steps ahead of Mother Nature.

New study finds it's harder to turn off a robot when it's begging for its life

The robot told test subjects it was scared of the dark and pleaded 'No! Please do not switch me off!'

'Super-Earth' most likely candidate for life

A large Earth-like world has emerged as the most likely place to look for life outside of our solar system.

Scientists successfully transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs

The procedure brings scientists closer to one day providing bioengineered lungs for humans.

Air Force fails to acknowledge mysterious meteor that crashed near US military base

The meteor exploded just above an early warning signal for the strategic US military base.

UFO-shaped cloud appears over tower block

Bizarre footage of a flying saucer-shaped cloud has appeared, sparking speculation of alien life.

The Original Vampire: Before Count Dracula there was Lord Ruthven

As early as 1816, a vampire crept into the imagination of the famous Romantic poet, Lord Byron.

New Ouija Board Study Scientifically Explains How They Move

Researchers in Denmark conducted a study and found what sounds like a plausible solution to the Ouija mystery.

Small height evolved twice on 'Hobbit' island of Flores

Scientists decoded the DNA of modern "pygmy" people to find out if they might be partly descended from the extinct Hobbit species.

Severe Drought May Have Helped Hasten Ancient Maya’s Collapse

Chemical signatures from sediments in lake cores reveal that the drought was worse than researchers had imagined.

Young star caught devouring its own planet for the very first time

Betcha can't eat just one.

Video From 1991 Imagines What Real Estate Agents of the Future Might Look Like

The future is filled with touchscreen desktops, videophones, and... shiny silver jumpsuits.

Mothman: Were Parachutes and Jet Packs Responsible?

Nick Redfern looks into an alternative explanation for the Mothman sightings in West Virginia.

Photos: Australia’s parched land looks otherworldly

In some parts of Australia, the intensity of 21st-century droughts has been unlike anything seen in more than 400 years.

Life Needs Sunlight — and That Could Change Where We Look for Aliens

With every new exoplanet discovered, the same question arises: Could this world host life?

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