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* High Times
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* 420 Magazine

* Cannabis News - Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Marijuana News, Cannabis
Cannabis News - Medical Marijuana, Hemp, Marijuana News, Cannabis

Where The War on Pot Will Go To Die
In some states, there’s an untenable mismatch between the crime and the time, but does anyone think that pot—medical or recreational—will still be illegal in 10 years? Now that a majority of Americans—54% and climbing, according to Pew Research—believe that marijuana should be treated like beer, wine and liquor, it’s time to ask: where does [...]

Feds May Cut Off Water For Legal Marijuana Crops
Some cannabis growers may soon find themselves with a lot less irrigation water if the U.S. government decides to block the use of federal water for state-legal marijuana cultivation. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, which oversees management of federal water resources, “is evaluating how the Controlled Substances Act applies in the context of Reclamation project [...]

Marijuana ‘Caregivers’ Getting Little Oversight
The young woman pulled her Subaru wagon into the parking lot of a Framingham hotel Wednesday night for a prearranged meeting with someone she knew only as Kool Guy, a man with short black hair and glasses who resembled actor Joaquin Phoenix. She handed him $250 cash for an ounce of marijuana dubbed Blue Cheese. [...]

It’s High Time For Canada To Talk Pot
Marijuana exists in a funny limbo in this country. Despite a growing number of people who feel it should be decriminalized, or outright legal – and regulated – it remains a controlled substance. And, as such, we have a multibillion-dollar industry in Canada attempting to operate under the radar of the law. Weed is grown [...]

Pot Smoking Stats Real Eye Opener
Do you smoke pot? According to stats I saw this week, 12 per cent of Ontario residents 15 and over smoked marijuana at least once over a recent 12-month period.  Which is about 1.3 million Ontarians.  Or about 130,000 people here in York Region. This is according to Statistics Canada’s Canadian Community Health Survey for [...]

Federal Government Ordered 1000 Lbs Of Marijuana
The federal government just ordered all the marijuana it wants — something it would send most Americans to prison for doing. On Monday, the Drug Enforcement Administration issued a new rule that increases the U.S. government’s production quota for medical marijuana from an annual 21 kg to 650 kg. That’s about 1,433 pounds of pot [...]

DEA Chief Says Marijuana-Trafficking Spiking
The Drug Enforcement Administration is concerned about a surge in the illegal shipment of marijuana from Colorado since the state legalized the drug, and is trying to crack down on minors’ use of the substance, the head of the agency said Wednesday. Administrator Michele Leonhart said the DEA is troubled by the increase in marijuana [...]

How Bad Is Marijuana for Your Health?
The Journal of Neuroscience recently published a study linking recreational marijuana use to subtle changes in brain structure. The researchers, led by Jodi Gilman of Massachusetts General Hospital, identified increased gray matter density in the left nucleus accumbens and some bordering areas. The study was fine, but the media coverage was abysmal. Reporters overstated the [...]

John Paul Stevens Thinks MJ Should Be Legalized
Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens believes marijuana should be legalized by the federal government, predicting that the public will soon decide prohibiting the substance is “not worth the cost.” In a Thursday interview with NPR’s Scott Simon, the retired justice was asked if he believes the drug should be legal at the federal [...]

Marijuana Has Come A Long Way Since Last 4/20
What a difference a year makes. From 4/20, 2013, to 4/20, 2014, marijuana has taken big steps out of the shadows of the black market and into the light of the mainstream — from record high popular support and the first legal recreational sales, to an entire country legalizing marijuana. Here’s a look at the [...]

* MPP Blog
MPP Blog
We Change Laws!
House Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Protections

The House Appropriations Committee voted Thursday to continue blocking the Justice Department from interfering in state medical marijuana laws. On a voice vote, the committee approved an amendment offered by Rep. David Joyce (R-OH) to the base FY2019 Commerce, Justice, Science (CJS) Appropriations bill, prohibiting the Justice Department from using funds to interfere in the … Continue reading House Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Protections

The post House Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Protections appeared first on MPP Blog.

Rhode Island Legalization Bill Introduced

Sen. Joshua Miller (D – Cranston) is once again submitting a bill to legalize and regulate marijuana in Rhode Island. As marijuana businesses are poised to open their doors in Massachusetts this summer, Sen. Miller hopes his colleagues will understand the wisdom in acting now. “Legal marijuana sales will be available to Rhode Islanders as … Continue reading Rhode Island Legalization Bill Introduced

The post Rhode Island Legalization Bill Introduced appeared first on MPP Blog.

Two Vermont Counties Will Host Expungement Events in June

Now that Vermont’s marijuana legalization law is set to take effect on July 1, the state’s attorneys (prosecutors) for two counties have announced that they will host “Expungement Day” clinics in June to assist Vermonters with having their records cleared of misdemeanor marijuana offenses. Volunteers with the Center for Justice Reform at the Vermont Law … Continue reading Two Vermont Counties Will Host Expungement Events in June

The post Two Vermont Counties Will Host Expungement Events in June appeared first on MPP Blog.

CBD Now Allowed Under Kansas Law — If It Has No THC

In a small step forward for patients who could benefit from medical cannabis, the definition of “marijuana” under Kansas law was changed by SB 282 to exclude cannabidiol (CBD). However, because state law separately bans tetrahydrocannabinols (THC), it will be difficult for medical cannabis patients to take advantage of this provision, because most CBD products … Continue reading CBD Now Allowed Under Kansas Law — If It Has No THC

The post CBD Now Allowed Under Kansas Law — If It Has No THC appeared first on MPP Blog.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Measures On the Move

It’s been quite a week for medical marijuana efforts in Missouri! Last Tuesday, the Missouri House of Representatives voted 112-44 to approve a very limited medical marijuana measure. Then, on Friday and Sunday, campaigns handed in signatures for three different medical marijuana ballot measures. New Approach Missouri and Find the Cure submitted signatures proposing constitutional … Continue reading Missouri Medical Marijuana Measures On the Move

The post Missouri Medical Marijuana Measures On the Move appeared first on MPP Blog.

Georgia Governor Signs Bill Expanding Low-THC Cannabis Oil Program

Yesterday, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) signed a bill that will significantly expand the number of patients who qualify for the state’s low-THC medical cannabis oils. Beginning on July 1, HB 65 will allow patients with intractable pain and adults with PTSD to qualify for the program, which allows registered patients to possess cannabis oils … Continue reading Georgia Governor Signs Bill Expanding Low-THC Cannabis Oil Program

The post Georgia Governor Signs Bill Expanding Low-THC Cannabis Oil Program appeared first on MPP Blog.

MPP’s West Virginia Primary Voter Guide

2018 was a frustrating year for marijuana policy in the West Virginia Legislature, with the Senate’s excellent version of a medical marijuana improvement bill never getting a House vote, and other reforms stalling. Fortunately, it is now election season, and candidates all over the state have been talking to voters about marijuana policy. The primary … Continue reading MPP’s West Virginia Primary Voter Guide

The post MPP’s West Virginia Primary Voter Guide appeared first on MPP Blog.

Colorado Legislature Approves On-Site Consumption Lounges

House Bill 1258 passed both houses of the Colorado General Assembly and is now heading to the governor’s desk. If signed, the bill would allow approved retail cannabis stores to open a tasting room where on-site cannabis consumption is allowed. This is yet another big step forward in a state that has long been a … Continue reading Colorado Legislature Approves On-Site Consumption Lounges

The post Colorado Legislature Approves On-Site Consumption Lounges appeared first on MPP Blog.

Universities in California and Utah Receive Funding to Pursue New Medical Marijuana Research

The University of Utah Health and the University of California San Diego recently announced separate plans to begin new phases of research on medical marijuana. In Utah, the study will focus on the individual effects of cannabinoids on brain processes, while UC San Diego researchers will probe possible treatments for autism with marijuana. Both projects … Continue reading Universities in California and Utah Receive Funding to Pursue New Medical Marijuana Research

The post Universities in California and Utah Receive Funding to Pursue New Medical Marijuana Research appeared first on MPP Blog.

Maine Legislature Overrides Marijuana Regulation Bill Veto

Today, the Maine House and Senate overrode Gov. LePage’s veto of the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee’s bill that establishes a regulatory framework for marijuana sales. LD 1719 creates the rules for licensing and regulating marijuana producers, processors, and retail establishments and sets the tax rates for adult-use marijuana. The bill does not implement the portion … Continue reading Maine Legislature Overrides Marijuana Regulation Bill Veto

The post Maine Legislature Overrides Marijuana Regulation Bill Veto appeared first on MPP Blog.

* NYT > Marijuana and Medical Marijuana
Marijuana and Medical Marijuana
News about marijuana and medical marijuana. Commentary and archival information about marijuana from The New York Times.
The Secret History of White Power
In this week’s Race/Related newsletter: an interview with a historian who studies white power and a look at the racial disparity in marijuana arrests in New York.

A Plea to Albany: Repeal the Marijuana Laws
The Legal Aid Society calls on Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the Legislature to undertake the “ultimate solution.”

Bags of Cash and Stealthy Deliveries: How Pot Start-Ups Pay Taxes
Marijuana sales are now legal in 30 states. But the federal government has not made it easy for the owners of those businesses to pay their taxes.

Thanks, Internet: Estonian Town Gets Cannabis Leaf as Its Emblem
Online voters overwhelmingly favored putting the marijuana plant on the flag of Kanepi, a municipality that has a tradition of growing hemp.

Judge to Decide Florida Ban on Smokable Medical Marijuana
A Florida judge will soon decide if patients approved to use medical marijuana will be allowed to smoke it.

Marijuana’s Effects on the Teenage Brain
The founder of the Phoenix House Foundation writes that “in the rush to legalize weed, we need credible, large-scale research.”

Mayor and Some Prosecutors Move to Curb Marijuana Arrests
The changes would represent a striking shift in drug enforcement and are likely to create a patchwork of prosecution policies across the five boroughs.

Two District Attorneys May Stop Prosecuting Most Marijuana Offenses
Officials said that Cyrus Vance Jr. in Manhattan and Eric Gonzalez in Brooklyn are considering pursuing fewer low-level cases of a law enforced disproportionately among minorities.

The Legacy of Stop-and-Frisk in New York’s Marijuana Arrests
There are significant racial disparities in who is arrested on low-level marijuana charges around the city.

Using Data to Make Sense of a Racial Disparity in NYC Marijuana Arrests
Why is it that white people largely don’t get arrested for smoking weed, while black and Hispanic people do? Times reporters put a police official’s explanation to the test.

* Portland Occupier : News From The Occupation
Portland Occupier
News From The Occupation
Burgerville Workers Union Becomes First Formally Recognized US Fast Food Union; Boycott to Continue Until Fair Contract is Signed
Story and photos by Pete Shaw The locally grown Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU) now holds the distinction of being the only formally recognized fast food union in the United States. After two days of voting on Sunday and Monday overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, the workers at Burgerville’s store on Southeast 92nd and…

Ockley Green Community Forces PPS to Roll Back Disciplinary Action Against Revered Teacher
Story by Pete Shaw The students at Ockley Green Middle School are getting an education. Fresh off Spring break, a crowd of over 200 students and parents gathered outside Ockley Green Middle School on the morning of Monday, April 2 in support of social studies teacher Chris Riser. He was placed on leave last month…

Wheeler Announces Plan Banning All Guns From City, And By “All” He Means “All”
Story by Nicholas Headon Portland mayor Ted Wheeler has had enough. This morning, in a hastily called press conference in front of City Hall, Wheeler announced a new policy that would begin removing all guns within Portland’s city limits. “Enough is enough,” said Wheeler. “I am sick and tired of seeing our young people gunned…

“I think decolonizing is what needs to happen because we’ve internalized all these layers of oppression and are reproducing oppressive behaviors ourselves. I think we need to start to dismantle the systems inside of us, and simultaneously do that with our surroundings.” An Interview with Kelly Baur, Part 2
Interview conducted by Pete Shaw PS: I remember when Teressa Raiford was on trial, and the day before the actual jury trial happened and one of the arresting police officers was caught flat-out lying, and of course it was Teressa’s lawyer’s fault for doing that to her, for exposing her, for tricking her into lying.…

“I guess when I say fascists, I am referring to people who think oppression and oppressive systems are positive and worthwhile endeavors, or somehow a necessary part of society.” An Interview with Kelly Baur, Part 1
Interview conducted by Pete Shaw Kelly Baur was one of many people arrested by the Portland police while confronting the white supremacists who held a rally in downtown Portland on June 4, 2017. She had recently returned to Portland after spending time in Chile, arriving here only a few days after white supremacist Jeremy Christian…

Undocumented, Unafraid, and Still Standing
Story by Pete Shaw One of the many great works of art to come out of the Civil Rights Movement was the Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas song “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free,” its best-known version performed by the late, great Nina Simone. Its most poignant line, “I wish…

Burgerville Workers Union Strikes, Calls for Boycott
Story by Pete Shaw On second thought, hold the fries. In fact, hold the burgers and shakes too. That was the message sent to Burgerville management from February 1 through 3 when workers at four Burgerville stores went on strike and called for an indefinite boycott of Burgerville. For those three days, outside Burgerville branches…

My Aunt Dorothy
Story by Pete Shaw Wednesday, January 24, 2018 When my mother died about 8 years ago, my Aunt Dorothy, who is also my godmother, came down from The City to New Jersey to provide Comfort and Support for her brother, my father, John. My better 99%, Jessica, is Chinese and was raised a Buddhist. An…

Advocates for People Without Housing Rally for Proposed Shelter in Southeast Portland
Story and photos by Pete Shaw Another day, another fight over a proposed shelter for people without housing. Saturday January 20 saw nearly 75 people gathered near the corner of Southeast Foster and 61st outside the empty storefront that the City has proposed as a haven for about 100 people without housing. Nearly all of…

Finding Victory After One Year of Trump
Story and photos by Pete Shaw In the post-mortem of Donald Trump’s election, I noted how for folks involved in activism, not much was going to change. The hard work of organizing, regardless of who became president, was going to continue. If my memory serves me well, I wrote that under Trump, the primary difference…

* Trends Forecasts and Prophecies Blog
The Financial Armageddon Blog
Please visit or to better access the articles and videos
Pompeo: US will ‘crush’ Iran if necessary
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has outlined the Trump administration's new plan on Iran. Pompeo said the administration is prepared to 'crush' Iran if it does not change course. RT America’s Manila Chan has this report. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks...

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Watch and Be Ready: Prophecy News Review
 Watch and Be Ready: Prophecy News Review - Week of 5/14 -5/21 Prophetically related news clips from all around the world, that relate to Bible Prophecy and the End Times! All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like...

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ISIS has nothing to do with Islam!
 We all know ISIS have nothing to do with Islam... We join an Islamic apologetic class instructing students to go out and preach to the infidels online that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Huge thanks to the one and only Sye Ten Atheist who animated this video in such a glorious way. If you...

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BREAKING: Trump Orders Sessions’ DOJ to Drop The Hammer on FBI After HISTORIC Dirty Tricks UNCOVERED
Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, On Sunday evening, the Justice Department asked Inspector General Horowitz to investigate whether there was “impropriety or political motivation” into the FBI’s infiltration of Trump’s campaign. The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog...

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#QAnon: The Same Old Scam #GreatAwakening
Whether or not Q is a government Insider, truth information is being spread at a pace never seen before. Why do you feel the need to pull on the other side of the Rope? The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free...

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ALEX JONES (FULL SHOW) Monday 5/21/18: News, Trump Spied On, Pope Francis, Vox Day
 Date: Monday May 21, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Monday, May 21st: Subversive Pope - Pope Francis shocked the world by telling a gay man “God made you like this.” The man was a victim of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. Also, the DOJ officially begins the investigation...

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Benjamin Fulford May 21st 2018 Trump’s universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head
U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration of trade war with just about everybody is really just a case of Trump negotiating a Chapter 11-style bankruptcy for the United States. A kinder way of putting it would be to say that the U.S. is revolting against an international system that has looted its...

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The Truth About All Central-Bank Controlled Nations
Anonymous: The Truth About All Central-Bank Controlled Nations The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

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Holy real estate
The great prize in the battle for dominance between Israelis and Palestinians is Jerusalem. Ironically, its name means “city of peace”, but that’s something neither side seems to want. Reporter: Tom Steinfort Producer: Nick Greenaway For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians...

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While the end of the world has always been something mocked by the world, we are living in a time when even secular folks see the potential totalitarian threat of a dictator who takes over and deploys the blockchain on society. This potential outcome is so aligned with the prophetic warnings...

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Trade War Between US & China Is "On Hold"
 In what looks to us like confirmation that the US has officially kicked the can down the road, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday that China and the US were putting a trade war "on hold" as the two sides work to hammer out a comprehensive trade agreement that will be acceptable to...

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Devin Nunes Declared ‘IT’S OVER’ For the Disgraced FBI
California Rep. Devin Nunes has been a relentless force for truth throughout this entire Spygate scandal, which is unfolding as the greatest political scandal in the history of the United States. Now, we’re learning that the FBI planted a MOLE within the Trump campaign to spy. This, Nunes...

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ALEX JONES (FULL SHOW) Sunday 5/20/18: Mueller To Indict InfoWars & Roger Stone?!?
 Date: Sunday May 20, 2018 Today on Infowars Live TV - The Alex Jones Show Sunday, May 20th: Dems Back on Gun Control - Democrats are once again calling for gun control following a shooting in Texas that left 10 dead and 10 wounded, although some have admitted new legislation would have been...

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Thousands Get Implanted Microchips Under Their Skin
More than 3,000 people in Sweden have implanted tiny microchips beneath their skin to replace their credit card information, identification, keys, train tickets, among other everyday items, Agence France-Press announced Sunday.  The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog...

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2018...End Times Prophecy News & Current Events
Current Events Linked To Biblical Prophecies Matthew 24:3-14 3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” 4 And Jesus answered and said to them:...

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 The latest news and end times prophecy from around the world  watch this and you will know we are living in the end times, end times signs, end times news, end times events, bible prophecy, prophecy in the news, tornado, earthquake, strange weather, strange events, apocalyptic signs,...

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Oh My children how I long for you to know Me; Oh My children, My precious little ones, My light have I placed inside you. With this light, I reveal Myself to you. You only need believe, and leave the rest to Me. Come My children, hear My words. I Am the morning, As I Am the awakening. I Am without...

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Back in the 90s an 'International High Priestess'-turned-Christian confided to me her involvement in a plan for a rash of mass shootings to be set off when they felt the time was right. The timing was to coincide with govt intervention (gun control, etc) before the fall. These current shootings are...

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Emerging Markets MELTDOWN as Stocks, Bonds, Currencies Fall! Markets In PANIC MODE!
The illusion will continue into the summer, but come fall, the fall will live up to it's name. January into February 2019 Massive death and destruction will occur and America's government and Military will fall. The signs are strong and by April 2019, It will tough to survive. Clean water and food...

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Out of the Abyss...Printable Humans
before i watched this video i was looking at something that made me think of the movie kill bill and the "crazy 88's" there is something to this that connects the black and white tactile patterning and the 88 enigma. i cant see it yet but i know we will understand it soon. hopefully we gain more...

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Clif High C60 & Preparing for Long Life, What's Next?
 Part 1: Clif High rejoins the show to discuss the future where humans live 125 to 200 years old. How will your life change and what should you do to prepare for a long life? We discuss the consequences of a long life without taking care of your long term health in the process (other factors...

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In Order for Trump to Once and For All Destroy the Deep State He Needs Us Committed and Focused
 The internecine battles are beyond problematic. Beyond troubling. They are deleterious and invasive and continue to destroy the path and pattern of our quest to destroy the Deep State and preserve liberty. The latest school shooting involves the usual suspects and usual refrains. It must stop....

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 The Event Is Coming Soon - 6 OF THE MOST POWERFUL QUESTIONS TO ASK FOR THE AWAKENING SOUL Author's Name: by Cristina Valenzuela The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers ,...

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2018...End Times Bible Prophecy & Christian News
Current Events Linked To Biblical Prophecies Matthew 24:3-14 3 Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” 4 And Jesus answered and said to them:...

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US-North Korea Peace Talks: Trump Threatens Kim with Gaddafi’s Fate
 Col. Larry Wilkerson: Trump’s threats, Bolton’s inexperience, combined with the military exercises in the region is putting the North Korean peace talks at risk. It is inexplicable form of diplomacy, unless you want the talks to fail The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse...

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* Coast to Coast AM - In the News
Coast to Coast AM - In the News
In the News Stories on
The awesome beauty of Jupiter captured by Juno, in 13 photos

For the past two years, the spacecraft has been taking photos of Jupiter.

Human footprints dated to roughly 85,000 years ago revealed in Saudi Arabia

In some of the earliest important migrations that took place, it is likely that humans used the Sinai route to exit Africa.

Every 202,500 Years, Earth Wanders in a New Direction

Earth's orbit gradually changes shape from almost circular to slightly elliptical.

'Hello kitties' turns to 'beware bobcats' in Texas

With big blues eyes and stubby tails, two kittens looked adorable until the fiery seven-week-old felines ripped apart formula bottles.

Ringed, Rocky Alien Planets May Hide in Plain Sight

Astronomers may have unknowingly discovered rocky planets with rings, which they mistook for other kinds of worlds.

Could recent supernovae be responsible for mass extinctions?

Two nearby supernovae that exploded about 2.5 and 8 million years ago could have resulted in a staggered depletion of Earth's ozone layer.

The Mystery of Sweden’s Bizarre Mass Disappearance

The July 1965 case has left investigators struggling to connect the dots ever since.

The 21 Creepiest Haunted Houses in America

Whaley, Joshua Ward, Lalaurie and other houses are featured.

Adolf Hitler really is dead: scientific study debunks conspiracy that he escaped to South America

Fuhrer’s appalling oral hygiene allows jawbone held in Moscow to be identified by its false teeth.

China takes a critical first step toward landing on the far side of the Moon

The Queqiao spacecraft is now on its way toward L2.

World's smallest house built using nanorobotics

Scientists in France have created a house so small that not even a mite would be able to fit through the door.

A new map for a birthplace of stars

A research group has created the most detailed maps yet of a vast seedbed of stars similar to Earth's sun.

I-Team Exclusive: Confidential report analyzes Tic Tac UFO incidents

Fuzzy videos captured by military pilots caused a media splash over the last six months, but what were those objects in the sky?

The ancient calendar carved into stone that lay hidden for 900 years

Over 1,000 petroglyphs discovered in Arizona's Verde Valley were likely a 'way to track time' using the sun.

These haunted places in Illinois will make you believe in ghosts

From reports of an invisible little girl singing softly on the stairs to a feisty spirit who sets small fires because she hates drinking, Belleville, Illinois, has its share of ghost stories.

Octopuses are space aliens, scientists claim

A bizarre new theory proposes that octopus embryos arrived on Earth on a comet millions of years ago.

Electromagnetic radiation may damage bird's ability to navigate

Study finds electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses 'credible' threat to wildlife.

A newly discovered solar system object hints at hidden planet nine

Astronomers found a strange dwarf world that provides even more evidence that a giant planet is lurking at the edge of our solar system.

Google's disturbing vision of total data collection

Leaked video reveals a Black Mirror-style future in which technology could be used to control the behavior of entire populations.

Is your cell phone being tracked?

Potential spy devices which track cellphones, intercept calls found all over D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Listen to These Auditory Illusions When You’re Bored With Laurel and Yanny

Check out this collection of mind-bending audio clips.

Scientists detect oxygen legacy of first stars

They observed it in a galaxy of stars that existed just 500 million years after the Big Bang.

The Creeping Devil – A Unique Cactus That Kills Parts of Itself to Move Across the Desert

The plant is not only capable of cloning itself to survive, but also of detaching from its major shoot to move over time.

The Scientific Detectives Probing the Secrets of Ancient Oracles

Geological features, toxic fumes, and visions of the future.

Black Hole Traffic Accidents May Produce Monster Mergers

Black hole collisions may cascade, with the dense objects crashing into one another to create even more-massive black holes.

Mormons, Aliens, and Hangar 18

Released in 1980, Hangar 18 was arguably Hollywood’s first UFO conspiracy movie, writes Robbie Graham.

Okiku – The Creepy Doll That Allegedly Grows Human Hair

Obviously, it’s also said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl.

'World's oldest woman', 128, says she's been miserable every day of her life

She was 55 when WWII ended and 102 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

New Data: Hurricanes Will Get Worse

Analysis of Hurricane Harvey, which drowned Houston, confirms predictions that the storms are likely to get bigger.

New views of Sun: Two missions will go closer to our star than ever before

Together, NASA's Parker Solar Probe and ESA's Solar Orbiter may resolve decades-old questions about the inner workings of our nearest star.

A Strange Tale of Aleister Crowley, John Dee and Loch Ness

Crowley believed that he was the reincarnation of John Dee's assistant, Edward Kelly, and famed occultist Eliphas Levi.

These Ice Pops Are Filled With Plastic and Other Waste

Hoping to deter pollution, artists turned contaminated water into frozen "treats."

Identical Twins Hint at How Environments Change Gene Expression

Studying twins has long offered insight into the interplay of nature and nurture. Epigenetics is the next frontier.

Shedding New Light on the Mysteries of Antarctica's Long, Dark Winter

The continent's winter months present one of the most challenging-- and surprising-- research environments on Earth.

Dinosaur parenting: How the 'chickens from hell' nested

How do you sit on your nest of eggs when you weigh over 1,500kg?

Aliens May Well Exist in a Parallel Universe, New Studies Find

The idea that our universe is just one of many, perhaps infinite, other universes is known as the multiverse theory.

Does Earth's Shifting Orbit Influence How Life Evolves?

It’s nice to think we’re part of something bigger. And we are, really—in a cosmic, evolutionary sense.

An 11-year-old girl received a 5-pound note for naming Pluto when it was discovered in 1930

Venetia Burney was familiar with the solar system, the names of planets and moons, as well as Greek and Roman legends.

'Memory transplant' achieved in snails

A team transferred a form of genetic information called RNA from one snail into another.

This May Be the Best Evidence Yet of a Water Plume on Jupiter's Moon Europa

Newly analyzed Galileo data provides "compelling independent evidence that there seems to be a plume on Europa."

An 'Amazing' Find: Conjoined Deer Fawns

A mushroom hunter found the stillborn twins in Minnesota.

Ultrasonic Waves Are Everywhere. Can You Hear Them?

There are horrible sounds all around us only a small group of people can hear.

Feral House Publisher and Author Adam Parfrey, 61, Dies

The publisher of Amok Press and Feral House, was the author and editor of many alternative books.

A Helicopter on Mars? NASA Wants to Try

The space agency announced the decision on Friday to add a small helicopter to its next rover mission.

Stephen Hawking service: Possibility of time travelers 'can't be excluded'

Applicants to the memorial service need to give their birth date - which can be any day up to December 31, 2038.

Photo: Fish with 'human teeth' caught in South Carolina

Nature conservationists in the US have freaked out a whole host of people on the internet by posting an image of a bizarre giant fish with “human-like” teeth.

Man reports 'Bigfoot' sighting in England

A train passenger traveling from Exeter to Bristol claimed to have seen a 'Bigfoot-like creature' in a nearby field.

Scientists to develop Neanderthal 'miniature brains'

Scientists are to bring Neanderthal “miniature brains” to life to see how humans differ to their closest relatives.

Mysterious hairy sea creature dubbed a 'globster' washes up on beach

A mysterious sea creature which looked like a "dead monster" washed up on a beach - sparking fears of an impending disaster.

Elderly will be cared for by robots to solve staff shortage

Robots which can listen, learn and react to people are being introduced in care homes to help look after residents and prevent loneliness.

500-year-old Leaning Tower of Pisa mystery unveiled by engineers

Why has the Leaning Tower of Pisa survived the strong earthquakes that have hit the region since the middle ages?

Bizarre viral video claims to show 'UFO' sucking energy from a lightning bolt

A bizarre YouTube video posted by conspiracy theory channel SecureTeam10 has gone viral as it purportedly shows a UFO sucking energy from a lightning bolt.

Massive 78-ft wave is southern hemisphere record, scientists believe

Scientists in New Zealand have documented what they believe is the largest wave ever recorded in the southern hemisphere.

Jury used Ouija board to find murderer guilty

The 1994 case made headline news after it was revealed that four jurors used a Ouija board to reach their verdict.

The startup that wants you to 'live to 130 in the body of a 22-year-old'

A Harvard startup has begun preliminary experiments on beagles and claims it can make animals 'younger' by adding new DNA instructions to their bodies.

Ground Zero of Amphibian 'Apocalypse' Finally Found

An ancient skin-eating fungus is killing off hundreds of species—and the Korean War may have helped spread it.

Scientists Didn't Invent a Star Trek 'Cloaking Device,' But What They Did Is Still Neat

The device is a type of metamaterial --an engineered object with specific properties.

Breakthrough Listen expands search for aliens

The world's most comprehensive hunt for intelligent extraterrestrials is about to begin its next major phase.

This Tiny Island Has the World's Largest and Heaviest Currency

No one knows exactly when the people of Yap, a tiny Micronesian island, started using giant limestone disks as money.

How Did This Soldier 'Grow' an Ear on Her Forearm?

The operation involves "growing" new tissue by implanting a patient's cartilage under their skin.

Deputy Shoots Groundhog Blocking Traffic

Maryland Sheriff's Department said the animal was "not responding as expected..."

Developer Includes Amazon's Alexa With All New Homes

Northern California neighborhood will come pre-wired as "smart homes."

Can Reading A Book Open A Paranormal Door?

Can merely reading about the strange make it happen?

Were Guards Used As Human Guinea Pigs At Skinwalker Ranch?

In-depth article on biological monitoring of employees at the infamous facility.

UK Jury Used Ouija Board To Convict Murderer

The victim's relatives were not amused.

This Alien World Is the 1st Cloudless Exoplanet Ever Discovered

The hot gas giant, known as WASP-96b, was observed using the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in Chile.

The British officer who was struck by lightning four separate times

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are estimated to be 1 in 13,000.

Video Shows Herds of Arctic Reindeer Walking in Mesmerizing Circular Patterns

The footage was apparently captured during a recent expedition to the Kola Peninsula in Russia’s Murmansk region.

I-Team: Documents prove secret UFO study based in Nevada

UFO investigators are hoping to obtain a treasure trove of Pentagon documents that were generated by a once-secret military study.

Google's robot assistant now makes eerily lifelike phone calls for you

The robotic assistant uses a very natural speech pattern that includes hesitations and affirmations such as "er" and "mmm-hmm."

Artificial Intelligence Is Cracking Open the Vatican's Secret Archives

A new project untangles the handwritten texts in one of the world’s largest historical collections.

Fissures, Lava Flow And Evacuations Continue On Hawaii's Big Island

A volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island continues to spew lava and toxic gases into a residential neighborhood.

The Strange Demonic Adventures of a Prolific Exorcist

One man who has made it his mission to confront evil in all of its forms is the Reverend Bob Larson.

6 Amazing Structures Built by Surprising Creatures

Without a blueprint to speak of, organisms big and small can build air-conditioning systems, massive walls, and even islands.

When the sun dies it will turn into a bright dust ring for 10,000 years

Astronomers have long hypothesized what will happen once time inevitably snuffs out the sun.

New Series Examines Life Of Occult Rocket Pioneer

Jack Parsons was a renowned rocket developer and an infamous occultist.

French Art Museum May Be Teeming with Fakes

Small museum may have spent more than $190,000 on fakes and forgeries.

Who Made the Mysterious Ancient Carved Stone Balls of Scotland?

Perhaps they simply reflected the personalities of their makers.

Seven Theories For The Loch Ness Monster

Party-pooping explanations for everyone's favorite lake monster.

No Hidden Chambers Next To King Tut's Tomb

Despite the rumors and hype with the current King Tut exhibit, tests conclude there are no more chambers.

Are military pilots interacting with UFOs in local skies?

Recently released videos purport to show military pilots seeing UFOs, but what exactly are they seeing?

Online gene repair kit could let criminals slip off the radar

A revolutionary genetic editing technique designed to repair faulty DNA could be used by criminals to disappear from forensic databases.

Woman lived with a cockroach in her ear for nine days

When Katie Holley woke up with a strange pain in her ear, her nightmare was only just beginning.

Should self driving cars be programmed to sacrifice their passengers?

New study calls for 'urgent' debate over the ethics of autonomous vehicles.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new home could be haunted

Prince Harry and his soon to be wife Meghan Markle could end up living in a haunted house in the countryside, which has been dubbed by some as "redbrick horror."

Can a medieval tapestry help find Planet Nine?

Scientists have been looking to the past to help them determine the whereabouts of the elusive ninth planet.

Hottest April day ever was probably Monday in Pakistan: a Record 122.4°F

The reading came from Nawabshah, Pakistan, and meteorologists say it is the highest temperature ever reliably recorded, anywhere in the world, in the month of April.

Watch: Documents prove secret UFO study based in Nevada

George Knapp takes a look at documents which prove the UFO study was real and based in southern Nevada.

Why Hawaii's newest eruption makes volcanologists nervous

An ordinary American neighborhood has been evacuated... because of a volcano.

Watch: Waymo releases video from self-driving car just before crash

Another self-driving vehicle has been involved in a crash. It's the second such wreck in less than two months.

Why This Dust Storm in India Turned Deadly

With more than 100 reported fatalities, the recent dust storm that swept through India was one of its deadliest.

Scientists build 'synthetic embryos'

The embryos, made in a dish, attached to the womb lining of live female mice and grew for a few days.

What it's like to attend a flat-Earth convention

At the end of last week, a group gathered in Birmingham, England for the first flat-Earth convention held in the UK.

475-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature Fossil Found Intact By 11-Year-Old In Tennessee

Ryleigh Taylor was strolling along the shoreline of a lake in East Tennessee when she saw something strange lying on a rock.

An Exoplanet First! Helium Spotted on Bizarre Comet-Like World

The discovery shows that it's possible to probe the air of at least some exoplanets without launching a new space telescope.

King David's city discovered? Ancient site linked to biblical kingdom, archaeologists say

Researchers from Bar-Ilan University have been excavating the remains of a large house dubbed the "Governor’s Residence."

Brain Holograms May One Day Help Blind See, Paralyzed Feel

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley are turning this science fiction into fact.

Tourists flocking to Peru's newfound 'Rainbow Mountain'

Stripes of turquoise, lavender and gold blanket a ridge laid down millions of years ago.

The Truth Behind This Amazing Video from the Surface of a Comet

Snowy-looking scene is made up of images Rosetta beamed back to Earth.

Dead Sea Scrolls fragments contain writing invisible to naked eye

The "small size and precarious physical state" meant some of the fragments had not previously been sorted or deciphered.

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